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About us

Highlighting the role of modern technologies in medicine, SIUN LLC was founded in 2016, which is engaged in the import and sale of medical equipment.

We cooperate with leading manufacturers in the field, bringing the best foreign experience and quality to Armenia.

With the latest medical equipment, you will provide more confident, fast and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for your patients, as well as you will create a more comfortable and modern working environment for doctors.

Our mission is to bring to Armenia the innovative solutions of the technological world in medicine, to provide the Armenian medical institutions with state-of-the-art and high-quality equipment, which will serve not only the present but also the medicine of the future.

Get today what will be contemporary tomorrow. Take your medical services to the next level by giving preference to advanced digital technologies.

We do our best to provide you with the latest achievements in the field of healthcare, introducing only new and high-quality equipment which will allow you to provide services in accordance with the requirements of modern medicine.

SIUN also offers technical maintenance service that will ensure the accurate and uninterrupted operation of your equipment.